This Marcus Mariota Heisman Speech Might Just Make You Cry (Video)

Marcus Mariota Heisman Speech

This weekend’s Marcus Mariota Heisman speech reminds us that, for every onslaught of corruption and scandal in college football, there are some good guys in the mix. And those good guys aren’t just benchwarming student athletes. They can be stars, too.

On Saturday, this Marcus Mariota Heisman speech turned pretty damn emotional as he was VERY gracious in thanking just about everyone for helping him rise to the top. Mariota said in the rousing acceptance speech:

Finally, Mom and Dad and Matt and the rest of my family, thank you. Thank you for sacrificing and providing me and Matt every opportunity (we’ve) ever had. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. I’m truly grateful to have you guys in my life. Fa’afetai tele lava. God bless. Go Ducks.”

If Mariota’s speech was an act, give that guy an Oscar. He was tearing up and seemed visibly moved by the honor and his overall success.

You can watch the entire speech in the video below:

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