Canucks Fan Dances Like No One’s Watching at a SuperSkills Event (Video)

canucks fan dances

This Vancouver Canucks fan dances better than anyone we’ve seen in a while…

Ok, not “better,” but certainly “more confidently,” or “with less shame.” The guy’s not a great dancer, but seeing a great dancer in the stands of a hockey game would be a very odd sight. It’s the dorky, slightly drunk ones that seem to get the best reaction from fans. And as this Canucks fan dances, we see that he meets at least half those criteria (not sure if he’s drunk).

Here’s the clip. Don’t stand too close, because he may start shooting sparks at any minute.

The best part is that this is during a SuperSkills event, not even a game.

I wonder if this is just like a dress rehearsal for this guy. Maybe he’s loosening up with this show so he doesn’t pull something at a later date on a bigger stage. Like when Chris Rock plays a comedy club before doing his HBO special.

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