Coach Throws a Girl By Her Hair in High School Basketball Brawl (Video)

coach throws a girl by her hair

A Colorado girls basketball game turned pretty ugly when a brawl broke out in which a coach throws a girl by her hair across the court.

The video, and its accompanying news report, offers more questions than answers. Regardless of context or backstory, seeing a coach get mixed up in a brawl, with male OR female players, is pretty out-of-bounds.

According to the report, the girl has been kicked off the team while the coach still has his job. That seems a little backwards, but take a look as the coach throws a girl by her hair in the video below, and judge for yourself:

She looked pretty primed to jump into the fray just before the coach grabbed her by her hair.  But it’s impossible to tell what the intentions are from the video, and the news report is pretty one-sided.

Regardless, I can’t imagine an instance where the girl posed such a threat to the other players that she had to be kept away like that, which leads me to believe that the coach was just being a jerk.

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