SportsCenter Does Amazing NHL 94-Style Highlights Package for Kings-Canadiens Game (Video)

espn sportscenter NHL 94 highlights package for kings canadiens game

If you are a hockey fan and you were old enough to play video games in 1994, then you know NHL 94 is probably the greatest hockey video game of all time. Amazing sound effects, one-timers, team-specific organ music, and an unstoppable Jeremy Roenick—the game had it all.

Why do I bring this up? Because on Friday night, the Montreal Canadiens hosted the Los Angeles Kings in a rematch of the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals, and the folks over at ESPN’s SportsCenter thought it would be fun to do the highlights in the style of NHL 94. This entailed tinting the ice blue, adding puck possession stars, adding an on-screen scoreboard, and adding all the classic sound-effects—including the organ music—and the result was totally awesome.

Check it out:

See, wasn’t that fantastic?

Hopefully, when the next Winter Olympics rolls around, they’ll think to do a highlights package in the style of Ice Hockey for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. And before that, I hope they do an NFL game in the style of a vintage Madden game, like Madden 98.

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