Jay Cutler Press Conference was Awkward When No One Showed Up (Video)

Jay Cutler press conference

A press conference with a losing quarterback is usually awkward enough on it’s own, but this Jay Cutler press conference following last night’s loss to the New Orleans Saints was made even more awkward when no one showed up.

Okay, lied.  Someone did show up, but there was only one of him.  And after he was finished asking his three questions, Cutler looked around the empty room with a confused look on his face.  He was then told that the local media were on their way, and that’s when he asked if they were going to wait before packing it up, saying thanks, and exiting stage right.

You can take a look at the Jay Cutler press conference in the video below:

So where exactly was the local Chicago media?  After another abysmal performance from the Bears quarterback during what has been a very disappointing season, you’d think they would have plenty of questions to ask.  And they did.  Only problem was, according to most of them, no one told them Cutler was at the podium.

At least Cutler’s not getting blamed for this too.


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