Liam Neeson and John Wall Team Up to Promote NBA Christmas Games…and ‘Taken 3’ (Video)

liam neeson and john wall nba christmas day commercial

Why shoot two separate commercials for two unrelated products when you could just shoot one commercial for both of them and have synergy?

Well there is no reason. That’s why ESPN/ABC and EuropaCorp, the company behind the blockbuster Taken franchise, have produced a commercial starring Liam Neeson and John Wall for Taken 3 and the NBA’s slate of Christmas Day games. It kills two birds with one stone, and idiot bloggers eat that sh…well, you know.

At this point you probably want to see it, so I’ll shut up. Here:

Whoever wrote this thing obviously has a fantastic sense of humor. The Knicks have skills? Shoot with “unthinkable accuracy”? The New York Knicks?

LOL, Liam Neeson. Way to deliver that with a straight face. If they gave Oscars for commercials, that performance right there would win you one for sure.

Anyway, for those of you looking for a reason to not have to talk to family on Christmas…

Wizards-Knicks, 12PM ET
Thunder-Spurs, 2:30PM ET
Cavs-Heat, 5:00PM ET
Lakers-Bulls, 8:00PM ET
Warriors-Clippers, 10:30PM ET

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