Lou Williams Love Triangle is Every Man’s Dream (Pics)

Lou Williams love triangle

This Lou Williams love triangle is pretty amazing.  Allow me to explain how it works:

At one corner of the triangle is Lou Williams, the 28-year-old guard who is currently playing for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors.

In another corner of the triangle, you’ll find Ashley Henderson, whom Williams often refers to as “Blonde.”

Lou Williams love triangle blonde

Ashley seems to be the main woman in Williams’ life, but she’s not the only one.

There’s also Rece Mitchell, whom Williams refers to as “Brown.”

Lou Williams love triangle brown


She is also dating the Raps’ guard, but this ain’t no love affair we’re talking about here.  Rather, it is a consensual love triangle.

And how could such a thing ever work between a male and two females?  Well, as Baller Mail explains, Lou Williams likes both “Blonde” and “Brown,” while Ashley and Rece enjoy Williams and the “nifty lifestyle” he can offer them.

So they’ve all learned to deal with it…together…like actually together…as in the three of them can often be seen hanging out together—like at the Blue Jays game earlier this year:

Lou Williams love triangle blue jays game

Lucky Lou Williams.  That dude needs to write a book.

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