Marcus Mariota Did The David Letterman Top Ten Last Night (Video)

David Letterman Top Ten

Having an awkward athlete read the David Letterman Top Ten list is almost as long a tradition as the Heisman Trophy award itself, so let us all bask in Marcus Mariota‘s discomfort knowing that he’s on track for a famous, wealthy life—which lets us make fun of him without feeling bad.

I mean, look at the guy. Yikes. It’s like having a more awkward Drake read the David Letterman Top Ten List. And the tuxedo doesn’t help. Anyone under the age of 35 in a tuxedo looks like they’re playing dress up. The Oregon flower is a nice touch though.

Considering the David Letterman Top Ten List was “10 Things That Went Through Marcus Mariota‘s Mind When He Won the Heisman Trophy,” I guess he was a natural choice to read the list. Though Will Muschamp would have been pretty funny, too.

Here’s the clip. Revel in the awkwardness:

The fact is that about nine out of ten of the entries on these lists aren’t funny. They’re silly and dumb. Which means they need to be sold.

You know who can’t sell a joke on national TV? A 22 year-old college football quarterback. But it’s fun to watch him try!

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