Saints Safety Terrence Frederick Runs Over Umpire Undrey Wash (Video)

Saints safety Terrence Frederick runs over umpire Undrey Wash

The NFL has taken major strides in preventing and treating concussions in recent years—at least when it comes to players. Nobody cares about the referees. For them, apparently, there is no “concussion management protocol.” Or if there is, it certainly wasn’t followed during Monday Night Football between the Saints and Bears last night.

At one point during Chicago’s weekly ass-whipping (this time at the hands of New Orleans), umpire Undrey Wash was standing up after placing the ball on the line of scrimmage when Saints safety Terrance Frederick came running by. Wash’s head collided hard with Frederick’s shoulder, spinning the official around somewhat comically and knocking him to the ground:

To Undrey’s credit, he handled the situation like a badass. After taking a moment to compose himself, he got up, shook the hit off, and got back to work. However, he really should have been checked out. That was a pretty nasty blow to the head from the armored shoulder of a very large and powerful man.

But ah well, who cares. He’s a referee, right?

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