Tom Brady FCC Complaints Come In after QB Goes on Profane Tirade (Video)

Tom Brady FCC Complaints

A whole slew of Tom Brady FCC complaints came in after the Patriots quarterback marched up and down the sidelines of the Pats-Packers game, visibly upset and cursing. Well, if you consider a “whole slew” to be three formal complaints (but many more inquiries), then yeah. A “whole slew.”

The complaints generally chastise the network for airing the outbreak more than the QB for exhibiting such frustration. A couple weeks back, Brady tried to sell that line of logic, arguing that it was the fault of the networks for knowingly airing it.

As the Tom Brady FCC complaints state, it’s pretty unlikely that the networks aren’t aware what’s going on. When you cut to an angry quarterback, you can pretty much rely on a lot of swear words. But it’s also really good television. Tough call.

It looks like CBS might have to pay a price for airing such compelling TV if the complaints keep coming in.

You know who that’s not gonna upset? Tom Brady.

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