Nasty Tyler Hansbrough Elbow Leaves Evan Fournier Very Bloody (Videos)

tyler hansbrough elbow on evan fournier

You know what sucks? Taking a Tyler Hansbrough elbow to the face.

Well, taking any elbow to the face sucks. But today we’re specifically talking about a Tyler Hansbrough elbow. Because that’s the kind Orlando Magic shooting guard (and presumably fancy Frenchman) Evan Fournier took to his face.

Fournier and the Magic were at the ACC in Toronto to face the second-best team in the NBA (which feels as strange for me to write as it probably is for you to read). In the second quarter, Fournier and the Raptors’ backup big man went up for a rebound, and Hansbrough inadvertently destroyed his opponent’s face with his elbow.

It was hard to watch, and the result looked like a crime scene, with Fournier spitting up massive blood clots that spattered all over the floor.

Take a look:

Despite that gory scene, Fournier didn’t leave the game. Acting more like a hockey player than a basketball player, he got his lip stitched up and returned for the second half.

There must be something in the water up there in Canada.

Hat Tip – [Sportsnet]

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