Bizarre Ending: Woman Accidentally Crashes Dallas Marathon Finish Line (Video)

dallas marathon finish line crasher

Ethiopian runner Shitaye Gemechu (real name) was the fastest woman at the Dallas Marathon on Sunday, finishing the 26.2-mile race in 2:26:45.

Unfortunately, though, Gemechu did not get to experience the ultimate thrill of every marathon runner: snapping the tape at the finish line. After breaking away from the rest of the field and running most of the last five miles all alone, another runner suddenly materialized in the final block, busted into an all-out sprint, and beat her.

At first, the announcers calling the race assumed it was just some idiot pulling a Rosi Ruiz, trying to cheat her way to victory. However, it turned out that wasn’t the case at all.

The interloper was in fact a 51-year-old named Janice Moore. She was running the final leg of the mixed-gender relay, which shared the same course as the regular marathon but had it’s own quarantined area. Moore vered over into the regular marathon area to get out of traffic, heard Gemechu come up behind her, and thought she was another relay runner. So she turned on the gas.

Skip to the 1:00 mark of the video below to see the bizarre ending for yourself:

Afterward, Moore said she felt bad for Gemechu, then suggested the obvious: “It might be helpful to have someone standing where the race splits and give each group their own chute.”

You might want to get on that, Dallas Marathon.

Hat Tip – [Dallas Culture Map via Deadspin]

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