9 Biggest NFL QB Busts

9 Biggest NFL QB Busts

The biggest challenge of creating a list of the biggest NFL QB busts is that there isn’t enough virtual paper in the world to accommodate every disappointing college quarterback. The transition from college QB to NFL QB has such a low success rate that you might be better served heading from H&R Block to the NFL. Just ask Johnny Manziel, who after two years of hype, got his first start last weekend, only to fall flat on his face. While it’s not necessarily a portent of things to come, I wouldn’t be investing in Manziel Jerseys right now.

The Heisman Award, given the to the best college football player (normally a quarterback) serves as virtually no indication of a how a QB will perform. Which is why you often see so many linemen taken in the top spots. Their success is much easier to predict, because you really don’t need Wonderlichs and psych evaluations on guys paid to just shove another dude.

So the field is pretty rich in contenders for the biggest NFL QB busts, but we think we’ve got a pretty good group of legendary underachievers here. Some stories have happy endings, some don’t, but that’s the nature of most professional sports careers, regardless of expectations.

Just be nice, OK? These guys worked hard. Well, they worked hard in college, anyway.

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