Andre Iguodala Travel Dance Makes Us Want More Traveling Calls (Video)

Andre Iguodala Travel Dance

The Andre Iguodala travel dance is a thing to behold.

It could come from a variety of places: a desire to be more of an entertainer than an athlete, the joy of getting the ball back from an opponent’s unforced error, or maybe some sort of epilepsy side effect.

Likely, the Golden State Warriors’ record just puts the guy in a really good mood. That whole team should be dancing.

This particular Andre Iguodala travel dance was broken out in mockery of Mike McConley, who got hit with an ill-timed walking violation in the fourth quarter of the Warriors-Grizzlies game. The Grizz ended up winning the game 105-98, which makes the dance a little less fun.

Also making the dance less fun were the refs, who slapped Iguodala with a technical for his travel dance. That couldn’t have helped his team. Iguodala had this to say about the series of events:

That it was, my friend. That it was, indeed.

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