Andre Miller Putback Gets Denied by the Rim (Video)

Andre Miller putback

It’s a shame this Andre Miller putback went the way it did. If he had thrown that down, we’d be celebrating, but instead, we’re mourning this Andre Miller putback.

Sure, it’s a little funny, but it’s a little unfortunate, too. He got flat-out denied by the rim on what would have otherwise been a very athletic putback. Yet we must go on…

Here’s the video. See if you can pinpoint the exact moment that Andre Miller, Washington Wizard extraordinaire, has his evening go from good to bad:

Fortunately, it was only his ego that was bruised (Ok, possibly his tailbone, too), as the Wizards still walked away with the win over the Timberwolves.

I could see something like this happening on an opposing court, but at home? That’s borderline treasonous. Someone tell that rim how things are supposed to work for the home-court Wizards.

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