Chicago Sports Anchor Offers Dark Ultimatum To The Bears (Video)

Chicago sports anchor

Chicago sports anchor Mark Giangreco is as fed up as most Chicagoans are with Jay Cutler and the Bears. However, because he has a pulpit that most fans don’t, he was able to lay the situation out with a fun little chyron over his left shoulder.

It’s funny because the graphic seems to make both options seem viable. And most Bears fans wouldn’t┬ádisagree. Jay Cutler is looking more and more like a 50 year-old divorced man who is watching his life crumble before him, powerless to stop it.

Here’s a quick clip showing what I’m talking about:

Should the ownership/front office of the Bears do as this Chicago sports anchor says and end their Cutler relationship? Probably.

If they fail to do that, should they slice their wrists open? No. No they should not. Not even as a cry for help. That self-destructive behavior will only further shake fans’ confidence in the franchise.

The chyron would be more helpful and optimistic if it read something like “Cut Him or Focus on Addressing His Shortcomings in Anticipation of the 2015 Season.” But the graphics guy might get paid by the word, so they went with something shorter.

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