Claude Giroux Wipes Boogers on Ref (Video)

Claude Giroux wipes boogers on ref

That title may sound disgusting and you may be having a hard time believing it ever happened.  But it did.  And the evidence is on tape.

It happened just moments before an offensive zone faceoff for the Philadelphia Flyers during Tuesday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  With linesman Greg Devorski distracted by something else on the ice, Claude Giroux could be seen taking a quick wipe of his nose before giving the stripes a couple pats on the back in an effort to clean his dirty hand.

It was a sneaky move by the Flyers center that would have gone unnoticed had the CSN cameras not caught him in the act.

Watch as Claude Giroux wipes boogers on a ref in the video below:

He probably should have been given a penalty for gross misconduct.

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