Jets Owner Woody Johnson Favorites Tweet Asking to Fire GM John Idzik (Pic)

Jets owner woody johnson

Favoriting a tweet that recommends the firing of New York Jets general manager John Idzik isn’t out of the ordinary…unless you’re Jets owner Woody Johnson.

On Monday, some dude names Jameson shared a tweet, and in that tweet was an image that proved Woody had favorited a previous tweet from Jameson asking to fire Idzik.

So how did Jets owner Woody Johnson explain his favoriting a tweet that suggested he fire his GM?  He said it was an accident:

Do you believe him?  I do.  After all, we all make mistakes, including Woody.  His first mistake was hiring Idzik.  His second was favoriting that tweet.  And his third would be to ignore the advice of Jameson and keep Idzik on board for another season.

Hopefully, for the sake of Jets fans everywhere, Woody Johnson has learned from his first two mistakes and won’t allow the third to happen….Then again, this is the Jets we’re talking about.  So anything is possible.

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