9 Photos Documenting The Jay Cutler Descent Into Madness

jay cutler descent

While the year may be winding down for most teams, the Jay Cutler descent is reaching a fever pitch following Monday’s 31-15 loss to New Orleans. While the Bears record isn’t embarrassing at 5-9 (it’s just really bad), things seem to be snowballing against him. The media aren’t paying much attention to him, and when they are they’re urging the front office to either cut him or kill themselves.

I’m not even sure RGIII would trade places with Cutler. Just kidding. Of course he would. He would do anything to get out of D.C. But this Jay Cutler descent is very real, and I intend to demonstrate the man’s collapse through a series of pictures. They’re not in any particular chronological order. The first one is, in fact, his rookie year, then all subsequent photos were selected to best display his next step into the abyss.


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