High Schooler D.J. Harvey Hits Head on Backboard After Block (Video)

D.J. Harvey Hits His Head on the Backboard

In an act that was, all at once, a terrific demonstration of athleticism and a lack of knowledge regarding spatial relationships, D.J. Harvey, a 6’6″ high school basketball player from Washington, D.C., hit his damn head on the backboard after making a ridiculous block on an opposing player.

D.J. Harvey reportedly has offers from Georgetown, Arizona, NC State, and Miami. No doubt all those schools are currently encasing all their backboards in foam to make their schools seem more enticing to the recruit.

Take a look at the kid with the ups:

He may be a standout for colleges, but for us, he’ll always be D.J. Harvey: the high school player who hit his head on the backboard.

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