Drake Confusing Adam Silver and Donald Sterling Is Pretty Funny (Video)

Drake Confusing Adam Silver and Donald Sterling

The moment he said what he did, it was pretty clear the statement was just a matter of Drake confusing Adam Silver and Donald Sterling, and not Drake showing his allegiances to the disgraced, racist owner.

In a courtside interview last night at the Raptors-Nets game in Toronto, Drake capped off a conversation with “I’ll tell ya, Sterling…that’s my guy, man.” I’m pretty sure he meant Adam Silver was his guy. And it’s easy to confuse the two. Sterling-Silver, get it? And they both made a name for themselves at the exact same time.

So we’ll forgive Drake and won’t jump to the conclusion that he’s a loyal toward bigoted billionaires. But just this once. If Drake EVER misspeaks again, we’re breaking out the pitchforks and gonna seek vengeance.

Here’s the clip:

Making the affair slightly more awkward was the fact that it was “Drake Night” at the Air Canada Centre. I don’t know what that entails, but I’m guessing that Drake’s miscue wasn’t on the roster of activities.

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