Another NFL Game, Another Eagle With a GoPro on Its Head (Video)

eagle with a gopro on its head

Is there anything more American than an eagle with a GoPro on its head?

Yes. An eagle with a GoPro on its head flying around before a Dallas Cowboys football game. Because they’re America’s team, you see.

About a month or so back, the whole “eagle with a camera strapped to its head” thing was done in Houston, and no one got maimed (or really even entertained) so they went back to that well again. What’s next? Probably yet another eagle with a GoPro on its head before yet another football game. But we won’t report that one, because by that point, it will be pretty familiar.

But until then. It’s our pleasure, honor, and privilege to present…an eagle with a GoPro on its head.  (Okay, we lied.)

This one comes from Philadelphia, prior to Monday night’s game between the Eagles and Cowboys.

(Cue “My Country Tis Of Thee”)

Holy crap that’s loud!

The eagle’s name is Challenger, by the way. Which is an absolutely twisted name to give anything that flies, but whatever. This isn’t about names. This is about strapping cameras to living things and seeing what happens.

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