Sexy Eva Marie Christmas Lingerie? Sure, Okay (Pics)

eva marie christmas lingerie 1

With her crazy Santa Clause-red hair and exceedingly voluptuous figure, WWE Diva Eva Marie spreads a little Christmas cheer pretty much every time she wears a white shirt. Which is actually fairly often.

However, this week she really went all out to spread Christmas cheers by posting a couple of sexy Eva Marie Christmas lingerie photos on Instagram.

The purpose of said photos—other than titillation, of course—is to advertise her “holiday bundles.” And contrary to what you might expect, by “holiday bundles” she doesn’t mean her boobs. She means bundles of Eva Marie merchandise for Eva Marie fans, available exclusively on her website.

Of course, I went to her website (, by the way) fully expecting to see sexy Eva Marie Christmas lingerie for sale. But I was sadly disappointed to learn that it’s just a bunch of t-shirts and calendars.

Oh well. At least we have the photos…

Eva Marie christmas lingerie 1

Eva Marie christmas lingerie 2Hat Tip – [BroBible]



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