Manny Being Manny on the Golf Course Involves Manny Ramirez Swinging and Missing (Video)

Manny being Manny

We’ve got a long, documented list of instances of “Manny being Manny.”

When he failed to hustle for a ball in the outfield, or when he’d hug the bat boy for about ten seconds too long, that was Manny being Manny. It’s basically an excuse for when Manny Ramirez screws something up, doesn’t try, or acts like a total weirdo. He gets a free pass because he was an excellent hitter.

It turns out being an excellent hitter only applied to baseball. Manny Ramirez can’t golf to save his life, as this clip shows. He misses the ball altogether, not once, but twice. That’s understandable. I really don’t imagine Manny Ramirez as an avid golfer. But what do I know?

Here’s the clip of Manny being Manny at David Ortiz’s charity tournament:

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