Rob Gronkowski On Top Chef Is a Bizarre, Delightful Thing (Video)

Rob Gronkowski on Top Chef

You might read that headline and ask yourself, “Why was Rob Gronkowski on Top Chef?” But that’s the wrong question.

The right question is “Why isn’t Rob Gronkowski on everything?” And the answer is, “Because life is unfair.”

This guy is so much fun, I want to see him in everything. I want him dropped, via CGI into old episodes of Murphy Brown and Frasier. That would be great.

But still not as great as seeing Rob Gronkowski on Top Chef. He asked the chefs to make him a Polish sausage. I’m sure he meant that as a dick joke, but they actually ended up making him one.

Check it out:

Padma lets him call her “Honey.” Gross. I’m think we’ll end up seeing a webisode outtake where he rails Padma while eating a (real) Polish sausage. Because he’s Gronk. And nothing is too ridiculous to imagine when it comes to that shot of Jaegermeister personified.


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