Martial Arts Dude Destroys Boxing Arcade Game with 540º Flying Spin Kick (Video)

boxing arcade game

You know that boxing arcade game they sometimes have at bars? You know, the ones you and your buddies pump dollar bills into after you’re good and drunk to see who can punch the hardest? (I’ve heard that people do this. I’m definitely not speaking from experience.) Well, this post is about one of those—specifically, it’s about one of those getting absolutely destroyed by some insane Korean martial arts dude.

The video comes to us from a YouTube channel called MartialClub. In it, we see a member of competitive Korean martial arts group Kings of Connection jumping up, spinning 540º, and kicking the everliving sh*t out of the punching bag. It is absolutely amazing. And in slow motion, you can see the game’s scoreboard go berserk.

Check it out:

That is impressive as hell. But let’s see him do that when he’s drunk, which is of course when boxing arcade games are intended to be used.

In any case, if watching Korean dudes do incredible acrobatic kicks is your thing, you should definitely check out the Kings of Connection YouTube channel. That’s pretty much all it is.

Hat Tip – [Kotaku]

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