This CM Punk Interview on OTR With Michael Landsberg Got Really Awkward (Video)

CM Punk interview OTR Michael Landsberg

Canadians who tuned into TSN’s Off the Record with Michael Landsberg on Thursday were treated to a CM Punk interview that got so awkward they probably wanted to turn off their televisions.

Landsberg is known for conducting this type of interview on his show, and while some athletes and celebrities eat this sort of thing up, there are others who clearly do not. Chael Sonnen is one name that comes to mind.

And now you can add CM Punk to that list, as the WWE Champ-turned-UFC newbie didn’t seem to appreciate Landsberg’s line of questioning, eventually leading to this interesting, and pretty awkward, interaction between the two:

Here’s a look at the entire CM Punk interview on OTR:

After watching that, it’s not hard to see how some of these fighters could grow tired of Landsberg’s cheesy gimmick over the course of a single interview.


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