The Frank Caliendo ‘Night Before Christmas’ Spoofs 10 ESPN Stars (Video)

Frank Caliendo 'Night Before Christmas'

You probably know by now that the Frank Caliendo ‘Night Before Christmas’ isn’t going to be a straight reading. He’ll probably bring in Charles Barkley, or Donald Trump, or some other celebrity that your uncle can’t get enough of.

In this particular Frank CaliendoNight Before Christmas’ reading, the impersonator sets his sights on most everyone in Bristol. He takes down ten ESPN personalities in one go of it.  Pretty impressive, really.

Frank Caliendo is pretty easy to write off when he does his little Madden segments for Fox Sports and Terry Bradshaw will NOT. STOP. LAUGHING.  But the truth is Caliendo’s really good.

Check out how good he is right here on the Mike and Mike Show:

Take that, sports media.

I like the Jon Gruden one the best, but they’re all pretty sharp, except for Stephen A. Smith, who’s more of a visual impersonation.

Either way, the Frank Caliendo ‘Night Before Christmas’ delivers what it promises. Maybe next time he could throw in a few Fox Sports One celebrities, too…Oh, there aren’t any. That’s right. Bummer. Just put the NBC Sports guys in there, then. Herm Edward or Tony Dungy or…Whoever else. I always get those guys confused. Just do everyone, Frank Caliendo.

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