Frank Gore’s Short Shorts Do a Great Job of Showing Off His Junk (Pic)

frank gore copy

I don’t like telling people how to do their jobs. However, I really feel pretty strongly that whoever runs the San Francisco 49ers account should pay closer attention to the photos they send out to their 824,000 followers.

Case in point? Last night, the Niners tweeted out a link to a story on the team website about the work ethic of running back Frank Gore, and accompanying that link was a photo of Gore.

The problem with that photo? Major moose knuckle. It’s a high resolution shot of Gore walking down a tunnel past some fans in his uniform, and his shorts (no, not pants, shorts) do not leave anything to the imagination in the junk department.

Here’s the original 49ers tweet:

frank gore junk tweet

And, because I know you want to analyze this situation, here’s a closeup:

frank gore

Oh my.

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that the devil is in the details.

Hat Tip – [@PhilHecken]

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