Watch Some Girl Grapple a Man Into Submission, Non-Sexually (Video)

girl grapple

We don’t know who “Gina” is, but we enjoy watching this girl grapple against some dude and take him out with what’s known in the MMA community as a “reverse leg neck-bar.” I actually know nothing about MMA, and I’m sure that’s not what that move is called, but it gets the point across.

Early in the “match,” it seems as though she can’t hold her own, due to the strength discrepancy. Then, watching the girl grapple, it looks like she’s going to get crushed as the dude keeps lifting her up and smashing her against the floor. But she comes through with the aforementioned reverse leg neck-bar and gets the dude to say “tap.”

Watch the madness unfold right here:

Paul got owned. Classic Paul.

He could have won if he wasn’t so weak and those rib punches actually did something. Why don’t you come back after you’ve spent some time in the weight room, Paul.

In the meantime, congratulations to Gina, queen of the grassy octagon.

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