Inside the NBA Rap Battle: Shaq Proposes to Nicki Minaj, EJ Upstages Everybody with Mic Drop (Video)

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On Monday, the new Nicki Minaj album dropped. It’s called The Pinkprint. And while I have no idea if it’s any good, I do know that she went on Inside the NBA promoting it this week, so they had a little Inside the NBA rap battle between Kenny Smith, Grant Hill, Shaq, Nicki, and of course, Ernie Johnson.

The whole thing was pretty surreal. Grant Hill had to write down his lyris on a piece of paper and read them, which is cheating. Shaq busted out his icy grillz and proposed to Nicki, who rejected him. And right after Nicki Minaj showed them all how it’s done, nerdy white guy Ernie Johnson blew them all away with a sick rhyme before dropping the mic.

Like I said…surreal.

Take a look:

As far as Inside the NBA rap battles go, that one was pretty good. The only thing that could have made that any better is Charles Barkley. I would have loved to hear him rap about fat girls, or maybe racism in America.

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