This Joakim Noah Airball Free Throw Makes Us Embarrassed For Him (Video)

Joakim Noah airball

Big men are worse shooters than smaller guys. But that does very little to excuse this Joakim Noah airball, which came conspicuously during a free throw attempt. Yikes.

Perhaps more upsetting than the actual Joakim Noah airball is the congratulatory high fives and handshakes that take place after the shot. Is there any action that won’t result in a high-five or hand slap during a free throw?  I mean, could you slap an orphan across the face and still get some love? I bet you could. The time spent shooting free throws seems to be a serious “no-judgement time.”

Anyway, here’s the clip of the big man, coming up short, big time:

Perhaps most entertaining about this Joakim Noah airball is the Knicks’ Samuel Dalembert (#11) clapping sincerely after the airball. It appears to have made his day.

I mean, look at that release in the screencap above. I don’t think I ever heard a shooting coach at basketball camp say, “After you release, make sure that your wrists both break out in opposite directions towards the sidelines. Like you’re imitating a big bird. CA-CAWWWW! CA-CAWWWW!

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