Randy Moss’ Son, Thad, Shows a Resemblance to Dad on the Field (Video)

Randy Moss' son

Randy Moss’ son seems to have taken after his father in the football department. The kid, who’s set to graduate high school in 2016 (he’s a junior now) seems to be catching the eye of some big-name schools.

Randy Moss‘ son has put together a highlight tape that honestly makes it difficult to tell him apart from his dad, but there is one glaring difference: Thad Moss is a tight end at Victory Christian Center High School in Charlotte, NC, whereas his dad was an archetypal screaming wideout.

Anyway, as best I can tell, this is a montage of Thad Moss plays laid against Randy Moss plays. So yeah, that’s kinda weird, but why not leverage the name. If you don’t, someone else probably will.

Thad’s doing what he does best, which is making huge catches over helpless defenses. Just like his dad did. No word on what schools are taking a look at this kid, but I’m guessing the usual suspects are at least familiar with him.

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