Watch DeSean Jackson Mock the Eagles With a Post-Game Kick (Video)

DeSean Jackson mock the Eagles

When DeSean Jackson was released by the Philadelphia Eagles during the offseason, he took it as a slap in the face, and rightfully so.  It’s not often you see a receiver get dumped for nothing after recording 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns in the previous season.  But that’s what happened, so it was certainly no surprise to see DeSean Jackson mock the Eagles after his Redskins beat them on Saturday—and knocked them out of the NFC playoff race in the process.

DJax played a big part in crushing the Eagles’ playoff hopes, leading Washington’s receiving corps with four catches for 126 yards during their 27-24 victory. And after giving Philly the boot from the playoffs, Jackson was caught on camera kicking the sky while saying “Kick that sh*t outta here, get that bird sh*t outta here,” as he made his way the locker room.

You can watch DeSean Jackson mock the Eagles in the vine below:

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