Rams Linebacker Daren Bates Leaps Over Center to Block Giants Field Goal (Video)

darren bates leap

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. That’s a proverb St. Louis Rams linebacker Daren Bates took to heart.

Last month against the San Francisco 49ers, Bates tried to time a snap just right and jump over the offensive line to block a field goal attempt. It didn’t work; Bates jumped too early. But it was a rather spectacular failure, and it did not deter Bates from trying again.

That brings us to Sunday’s game between the Rams and New York Giants. With time running out in the fourth quarter, the Rams trailing by 10, and the Giants attempting to kick a 29-yard field goal that would seal the game, we got another Daren Bates leap. And this time it worked. Bates timed the snap perfectly, hurdled the Giants center, and blocked the field goal attempt.

Take a look:

That’s one hell of a play. Unless you’re a Giants fan, it’s a shame this Daren Bates leap didn’t spark a 10-point comeback. That would have been a storybook ending to this post.

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