Game Winning Safety Seals Dolphins Win Over Vikings (Video)

game winning safety

A safety is a rare thing in football. A game winning safety is almost unheard of. So what the Dolphins-Vikings game lacked in terms of general football interest, it more than made up for in last-second theatrics.

The high-scoring affair clocked up a 35-35 tie with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter.  The Vikings were punting from deep in their own territory, likely thinking they were just biding their time until time expired.

However, there were only three outcomes that would have prevented OT. The Dolphins run back the punt (pretty unlikely), the Dolphins convert on one or two plays to kick a field goal (very unlikely), or the Dolphins block the Vikings punt and score a game winning safety or touchdown (pretty much impossible).

You can see where this is going:

Rookie Terrence Fede made quite a quick name for himself with a massive punt block that shot the ball out of the back of the Vikings’ end zone, sealing the fate of the game.

I don’t think anyone expected the Dolphins-Vikings game to be the most exciting of the week with so many playoff berths at stake, but here we are.

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