Jets Fan Throws Nachos and Cheese at Patriots Fan (Video)

Jets fan throws nachos at Pats fan

The New England Patriots may have gotten the better of the New York Jets on the field this season, but I think it’s fair to say that the Jets fans were able to find redemption in the stands. That’s all thanks to one Gang Green fan who felt his overpriced nachos and cheese would be off on the face of an overly-aggressive Patriots fan, rather than in his stomach.

I must admit, I think the Jets fan made the right decision in this case.  After all, the Patriots fan clearly had it coming.  You can’t walk into a division rival’s stadium, throw the first punch on your way out, and not expect to end up with at least a little nacho cheese on your face.

You can watch as a Jets fan throws nachos and cheese at a Pats fan in the video below:

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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