Miami Beach Bowl Brawl: Memphis’ Thrilling OT Victory Marred by Fight (Video)

Miami Beach Bowl brawl

A thrilling 55-48 double overtime victory by the Memphis Tigers over the BYU Cougars at the Miami Beach Bowl earlier today was marred by a nasty brawl that broke out following a DaShaughn Terry interception on the final play of the game.

Paxton Lynch‘s ridiculous seven-touchdown performance (4 pass, 3 rush) should have been the story of the game, and it was…until a fight broke out between the two teams in the middle of the field after the final whistle had blown. ¬†Helmets were swung, bodies were tossed, and plenty of punches were thrown during the melee, which lasted at least a few minutes even though it looked like¬†things had settled down on a couple of occasions.

In the end, there were at least a few black eyes and battered faces, and we certainly expect there to be some sort of discipline handed down on both sides.

You can watch the Miami Beach Bowl brawl in the video below:

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