Richard Sherman-Patrick Peterson Feud Back on After Sherman Rips Peterson During Costas Interview (Video)

richard sherman-patrick peterson feud

Well, it looks like the Richard Sherman-Patrick Patterson feud is back on.

On Sunday Sherman sat down with NBC’s Bob Costas for a lengthy interview ahead of the Seattle Seahawks’ battle for the NFC West crown against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. In that interview, Costas asks Sherman a number of questions, and most of the answers were fairly interesting. However, things got really good about halfway through. After an awkward laugh that will make your skin crawl, Costas brings up the issue of the best cornerbacks in the NFL and says the short list, according to most observers, would probably be Richard Sherman, the Patriots’ Darrelle Revis, and Arizona’s Patrick Peterson.

Now, as you may recall, Sherman and Peterson got into a little Twitter feud this past summer after Peterson signed a five-year $70 million contract extension and became the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. So this is obviously what Costas was hoping to dredge up. And Sherman happily obliged.

Here’s the entire interview, with the “best cornernbacks” section starting at 4:52:

And, for those in need of immediate gratification, here’s a Vine that cuts out the 20 seconds of context:

Good burn, Sherman.

Hat Tip – [Daily Snark]