Tre Mason Touchdown Celebration Mocks Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz (Video)

tre mason touchdown celebration

Rams running back Tre Mason has had a pretty solid rookie campaign, rushing for 737 yards (so far) and four touchdowns. In fact, most years such a performance would probably garner consideration for offensive rookie of the year honors.

Not this year, though. This year, there’s only one player who is being considered for offensive rookie of the year honors, and that player is Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Interestingly, Mason and Beckham are actually friends. Both played football in the SEC last year, the former with Auburn, the latter with LSU. And on Saturday, the day before they played each other in the NFL for the first time, Mason told Beckham he had a little surprise in store for him.

What was the surprise? It was a Tre Mason touchdown celebration mocking the touchdown celebrations of Beckham and his teammate, Victor Cruz. First he did Odell’s “whip” dance. Then he did Cruz’s salsa dance. And then it looks like he may have even mocked Cruz’s season-ending knee injury.

Take a look:

After the game—which the Giants won—Odell Beckham Jr. laughed off Mason’s antics.

I doubt Cruz thought it was funny.

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