20 Ridiculously Offensive Team Names

offensive team names

The Washington Redskins have taken a lot of heat this year for what many say is their offensive name. However, offensive team names are hardly new in the world of sports. They’ve been around for as long as there have been teams to name.

That being the case, it would take an entire book to present a comprehensive list of offensive team names. So this list is really just sampling of the more extreme examples—some recent, some long ago.

Notably absent are teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and Atlanta Braves. Some folks surely would classify those as offensive team names, and at the very least they appropriate Native American culture without permission. However, unlike many of the teams that made the list, at least their names aren’t actual vulgarities or racial slurs. So they get a pass.

You know who else gets a pass? The Florida State Seminoles. They actually have permission from the Florida Seminole Tribe to use the name. So they’re cool in my book.

Which teams did make the list, then? Click on the arrows to find out.

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