Check Out the Bulge on This Cristiano Ronaldo Statue (Pics)

Cristiano Ronaldo statue bulge 4

Whoever created this Cristiano Ronaldo statue in the soccer star’s home city of Furnchal, Portugal, probably didn’t have to pay such close attention to detail.

The bronze statue was modeled after Cristiano Ronaldo‘s patented free kick pose, and the artist was able to capture almost every aspect of that, including the bulge that the Real Madrid sniper often sports while in his stance.

You can see exactly what I mean by checking out this comparison between the Cristiano Ronaldo statue and real Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo statue bulge

If only the artist had put in the same amount of time on Cristiano Ronaldo’s face as he did on his bulge, this thing may have ended up actually looking like CR12.

Here are a few more images of Cristiano Ronaldo and his bronze statue:

Cristiano Ronaldo bulge

Cristiano Ronaldo bulge

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