Ecuadorian Soccer Player Ejected for Vicious Tackle…on His Own Brother (Video)

ecuadorian soccer player ejected for vicious tackle on his own brother

Things might be a little awkward at the Bolanos family Christmas gathering this year. On Sunday, during the second leg of the Ecuadorian Primera A finals, Ecuadorian soccer player Alex Bolanos got ejected for an extremely reckless tackle. And the victim of said tackle was Miller Bolanos, his own brother.

The offense occurred just nine minutes in, too. Miller Bolanos of Emelec was waiting for a pass when Alex of Barcelona SC came in from behind and took him out.

In the end Miller was just fine. However, if you follow soccer at all, you know tackles such as this can have extremely grotesque consequences. (If you’re not too squeamish, click here.) So the referee had no choice but to give Alex Bolanos a red card.

Take a look:

I hope Mrs. Bolanos wasn’t alive to see that.

Wait, no. I do hope Mrs. Bolanos was alive. But I hope she didn’t see that, and that nobody tells her about it.

In any case…

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