With Four Interceptions, Peyton Manning Played Like Eli Manning Last Night Against the Bengals (Videos)

peyton manning manningface

Peyton Manning had a pretty terrible Monday night in Cincinnati. Sure, he threw for 311 yards and two touchdowns. But he also threw four interceptions for a passer rating that was just 61.8. To put that in perspective, last year Peyton Manning threw 10 interceptions all season. And Jay Cutler has a passer rating of 89.5 this year. Jay. Cutler.

The craziest part? Three of Peyton’s four interceptions came in the fourth quarter, the penultimate being a pick six that iced the game for the Bengals.

So yeah, it was pretty rough. Let’s take a look.

Here’s interception #1. It’s from the second quarter, and not really Peyton’s fault at all:

Interception #2 was Peyton’s fault, though:

So was #3, the pick six by Dre Kirkpatrick:

And interception #4 was just sad. By that point Denver fans had lost the will to live:

Of course, Peyton Manning missed the first day of practice last week because of some sort of issue with his thigh. That fuelled some speculation that he might not even play Monday night. So obviously, reporters asked him if that affected him during the gameā€”and he said no, because Peyton Manning doesn’t make excuses.

But come on. Look at this footwork on the pick six:

peyton manning footwork

That’s just awful. Either Peyton wasn’t feeling 100%, or he was drinking.

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