Serbian MMA Fighter Saves Opponent After Nearly Choking Him to Death (Video)

serbian mma fighter nearly chokes opponent to death

An MMA chokehold is supposed to force an opponent to submit. However, at a recent Sebian MMA event, we got a scary reminder that chokeholds are dangerous maneuvers.

Earlier this month at Serbian Battle Championship 4, a guy named Dusan Dzakic—who seems like he might be a big deal in Serbian MMA—fought a guy named Sebastijan Emini. Thirty seconds into the bout, Dzakic had Emini down on the mat in a chokehold. After twenty seconds or so Emini started frantically tapping out, and both the ref and Dzakic immediately recognized that something was wrong.

Sure enough, Emini was choking. Thankfully Dzakic is a quick thinker—he immediately pulled Emini’s mouth guard and tongue out of his mouth before medical officials could even get to him, which may have saved Emini’s life.

Take a look:

Here’s what Dzakic had to say about the scary incident afterward, according to the one Serbian-speakin Deadspin commentator:

“When I saw that he fell unconscious , I turned him on his side with judge’s help and took out his mouthpiece and pulled his tongue out so he wouldn’t suffocate . The kid is very brave because not everyone would accepted the fight five days prior to the match . That’s why I respect him. It doesn’t matter that he’s Croatian. I’m not a nationalist.”

While it’s kind of crazy that a Serbian guy would still have to say something like this, it’s nice to see they’re making some progress and hating each other a little less in the Balkans.

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