Casey Hayward Tackle Leads Him into Reggie Bush, Then a Heater (Video)

Casey Hayward tackle

This Casey Hayward tackle shows he left it all out on the field during yesterday’s game against the Detroit Lions.

The Green Bay Packers cornerback showed that what he lacks in stopping ability, he more than makes up for with tackling enthusiasm. Fortunately, this Casey Hayward tackle left no one injured, though the heater was removed from the game with concussion-like symptoms.

Take a look at the impact of this hit on Reggie Bush from Hayward. Again and again and again.

Yikes. The looping video doesn’t show how fast they must have been going when they went out of bounds, but it must have been near-lightning speed if they hit that heater about 8 yards away with that much force.

Take it easy, fellas. You got the playoffs in the next few weeks. Just hang around and try not to get hurt.

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