Chris Baker Celebration Fail: Washington DE Misses Tackle, Celebrates Anyway (Video)

Chris Baker celebration fail (Chris Baker celebrates missed tackle)

There is no shame in missing a tackle on DeMarco Murray. It’s happened to a lot of guys this year. That’s how the Cowboys running back has racked up 1,845 rushing yards, which is almost 500 more than anybody else in the league.

That said, there is shame in missing a tackle on Murray, not realizing it, and then celebrating as though you didn’t miss the tackle.

That’s what Washington defensive end Chris Baker did yesterday. He caught Murray in his grasp and tripped him up during a first half carry at FedEd field yesterday. However, Baker assumed that because he wound up on the ground, Murray must have wound up on the ground, too. So he celebrated.

The problem was that Baker did not actually bring Spray Tan down. Murray put his hand down, remained on his feet, and went another five yards before somebody actually tackled him—all unbeknownst to Baker.

The result was this hilarious Chris Baker celebration fail:

Yep, that’s embarrassing.

But look on the bright side, Mr. Baker. At least you didn’t tear your ACL.

Hat Tip – [Yahoo Sports]

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