Best Christmas Prank Ever: Flyers Kid Gets Sidney Crosby Jersey, Is Disgusted (Video)

flyers kid gets sidney crosby jersey for christmas is disgusted

There are few things more magical than the look of pure joy on the face of a child who gets exactly what he wanted for Christmas. But one of those things, surely, is the look of pure revulsion on the face of a young sports fanatic who gets the jersey of his team’s most loathed rival.

That’s what we have for you here—video of a young Philadelphia Flyers fan opening a Sidney Crosby jersey.

It comes to us from somewhere in the Keystone State. According to the YouTube description, a woman ordered a Sidney Crosby jersey for her son, who is a Penguins fan. But it was the wrong size, and there was not enough time to exchange it before Christmas. So the woman decided to make the best of the situation by pranking the Flyers fan in the family.

The result is fantastic. The kid opens it—while wearing his Flyers jersey, of course—wrinkles his face in disgust, and immediately shoves the package away from him as though it contains a dead skunk.

Take a look:

Hahaha you thought you were getting a present but it was just a joke made for the amusement of the entire internet!

Merry Christmas, kid.

Hat Tip – [Bar Down]

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