Denmark Hockey Player Celebrates Goal By Pretending To Masturbate (Video)

denmark hockey player celebrates

The way this Denmark hockey player celebrates is actually a little MORE interesting than the headline would suggest. Not only was he doing the fake masturbation thing that we all know well, but he did so while holding up a finger with a mustache on it under his nose.

It’s all a bit odd, and a LOT of fun. I want this guy in the United States, playing hockey in Phoenix or Anaheim, or some other ridiculous city.

It’s unclear whether the mustache was drawn on (sadly, I’ve seen some tattooed on fingers), but we’re hoping for more details to trickle in on this huge story.What IS clear is that this Denmark hockey player celebrates in terrific fashion.

Here’s the clip:

If you find this a bit brutish and crass, try to look on the bright side. He could have been actually masturbating while sporting a real mustache.

Suddenly, this little stunt doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

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