Detroit Free Press Confuses John and Jim Harbaugh, Just Like We Do (Video)

Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press certainly has fact-checker, if not a whole department dedicated to catching snafus like the one they made this morning. But confusing John and Jim Harbaugh isn’t just a matter of fact checking. Engrained in our DNA is a gene that tells us to keep confusing them. So it’s understandable that the newspaper would put a picture of John Harbaugh up while discussing the Michigan coaching vacancy, even though they probably meant Jim.

I mean, John is taking his team to the playoffs, so he’s probably not entertaining many college offers at the moment. Note I said, “probably.” There’s always the chance that the Detroit Free Press knows exactly what they’re doing, and we just got scooped. But more likely, they’re just screwing things up.

Here’s a bigger image:

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.45.35 AM

More funny than the screw-up is the sensational “NOT AGAIN!” headline. Relax, guys. You’re going to the playoffs, too. You’ll probably get smoked by the Cowboys in your first matchup, but that doesn’t mean you should be harping on yet another loss to Green Bay.

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